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Adulting With Sailor Moon In Mexico

With Cosplay being such a popular theme I wanted to take some inspiration from the world of Anime this week. However, I wanted to make it adult. Not something I see done very often. Feminine, while being a grown up at the same time. A tiny hint of Lolita while not over sexualize one's self. To me personally it cheapens the final product if all you see is sex and not the effort that went into the outfit. That is where a lot of Cosplay gets lost in translation for me. Dressing up like a character is one thing but what about the lost art of subtle nuance? Let's take Cosplay and actually play with a look to make it street worthy and chic.

Every child of the 90's remembers the Shojo Mango series Sailor Moon. This used to be one of my favorite series to watch after school. I wanted to take pieces of her look and make it my own. This was my inspiration for this weeks adult school girl look. I'm not a fan of color so I kept my palette black and white (2 of my favorite shades …

The Not So Literal Matrix

It's cold this winter in Tijuana. Colder than I've ever experienced since leaving Canada 3 years ago! Okay, not as cold as Canada but unseasonably cold for West Coast Baja California weather. Which is why I'm taking the opportunity this week to channel my inner Matrix but not quite so literally.

If by some grand mistake you have made in your life you do not know about The Matrix. Here is some back story. It's one of the greatest Sci-Fi meets industrial (meets modern goth) movies of all time. It also spawned a whole new age for CGI in entertainment. The Matrix was released in 1999 and ended the 90s on a good note. It's all about how computers take over the world and turn humanity into their blood bags to harvest for their energy to run the machines. In other worlds. Pretty much what's happening all around us as you get more and more jacked into your smart phone. You may as well be Neo in his incubator. 
*You when you wake up to your phone in the morning
I wanted…

My Mexican Poncho Style

I will preface this with saying the local fashion scene here in Tijuana leaves much to be desired. Mostly because most people here don't have good taste or personal style which works out as a win for me personally. Why? Well, if people where real purveyors of style all these killer deals I find here weekly would not be cheap and B. so easy for me to find. The kinds of garments I find here at flea markets or selling on the street goes to show how little people care about style and more so go for comfort. I personally need to always go for both. way to dress up a Mexican style Poncho.

As much as some may do not put in effort into their personal style everyone wears fashion. Fashion is clothes. Style is personal. Like it or not. Your dressing the way you feel every day. I took inspiration today from all the tourista street shops here on Avenida Revolution and local Mexican made garments they sell here to foreigners. Usually overpriced for the quality but if you know …

Lost Angeles Flashback Friday Files

This has been quite an eventful week. I traveled back to LA for the first time since I moved to Tijuana over a year ago. LA used to be everything to me. It was my main source of inspiration for fashion, music and art. Since moving away it no longer holds that same appeal. I take LA now by bits and pieces. I never thought I'd say this but I'm actually really happy I made the move to Tijuana. At first I thought placing myself in obscurity was simply out of necessity to get away from all I was accustomed to before. Now, coming back home to write today's Blog I realize that Tijuana currently holds so much more than just self imposed isolation I craved at first.

Today's look was all ordered online via Aliexpress when I lived in LA. Going through all my old wardrobe was such a head trip. Your clothes really are the best timeline for your life. Wardrobe is always the biggest indicator of change. The majority of the clothes I had left in LA was a lot of mesh,tight dresses, ath…