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In My Mind I'm On A Picnic & Why You Should Mix Prints More Often

In my first blog post for Metal Mouth Style I wrote about Gingham being a print that I loved to incorporate into my wardrobe. I also somehow managed to parlay my love of 90's pornstars into that same post. I recommend the read if your new to the blog. Today I want to show you why mixing prints can be really fun and eye catching. While wearing Gingham again.

For the longest time somehow we where made to feel as though there where these rules to fashion. Maybe there still are but when it comes to personal style. There are no rules. That's why I love to focus in hard on inspiration behind looks rather than the brands themselves here. One cardinal rule seemed to always been that you where not to ever mix prints. Things where expected for a long time to be uniform or "matchy matchy". I personally like to match some days and mix match others. It all depends on the outfit or mood. However, one thing I do know is that it's never a good thing to totally match everything …

Let's Talk About Menswear Man...And Why It's Not Just for Men

If you read last weeks Metal Mouth Style blog post you may remember me mentioning a style hack for less by shopping in the juniors section if your petite. This weeks style hack is why you should implore yourself to shop in the men's section more often than not if your women. Where else do you think the whole "boyfriend jean" concept came from? Women wearing their boyfriends jeans of course.

Today's look is about as casual as I get aside from wearing Pajama's around the house on off days (never in public of course. I see this and it makes me sick. No PJ's in public people!). The pants are men's, as well as the sneakers and hat. My zip up is the only piece that is women's in today's look. All totally sourced locally here in Baja California Norte. I'm not into taking days off when it comes to what I wear out in public. So even if you want to go more casual I highly encourage people to still find a way to dress it up in some way, shape or form. Ev…

Make the Meat Market Your Runway

There is one thing I do not do in life. That one thing is to make excuses not to dress up and look my best everyday. Even around the house (more on that style hack later). The key to feeling good is also looking your best. Inside out baby. Quite frankly a trip to the grocery store for me is a perfect opportunity to debut a new look.

Enter Mora Mercado in Tijuana. Where I went to get my weekly haul of meat for this week. A hot tip if your a local is that the meat at this market is great quality and very well priced. However, as far as fresh foods go it's lacking. Also I may add that the line on weekends is insane and unless you like feeling like the world is ending slammed up against obese strangers bodies I would avoid it at all costs. That's what happened to me.
Whenever I'm stuck in a crowd somewhere it always baffles me how many people put zero effort behind how they dress. Yoga pants and a sweater makes me nauseous. Yoga pants are for doing Yoga. Since when did these …

A Clockwork Orange Chic

This week I have been inspired by a movie I do not particularly enjoy. This movie has always thoroughly creeped me out. It's not that it is a bad movie but it's a good movie based on truly bad people. A Clockwork Orange. Not only is this costume concept played out year after year every Halloween. It is this constant reminder of how deeply disturbed people can be to me.

However, I'm big into taking things that are dark and making them just a little bit lighter though creativity. This is my day wear inspired Clockwork Orange look for peaceful street cat-walking instead of stalking.

I think that a big issue in today's culture is the repetitive nature we have become so accustomed too. Almost everything is just a copy of something else. Instead of things being inspired by one thing to create something new and unique. Things do not need to be so literally interpreted. Especially when it comes to style. I'm a big advocate more subtle of nuance.
Instead of combat boots I …

Modern Goth vs. Hot Pocket Goths

There is something about the Hot Topic look that really bothers me. Disposable fashion trends in general I cannot get behind. In one day out the next. Fashion needs to be more sustainable. Not just in how it's produced either. In how you as the consumer think before you buy. If you buy an item it should have a lifespan longer than one season or mood. It really is just sad to me that goth has been blended down into logo/band tee's, skeleton gloves, and cheesy oblong platform shoes. It's become so generic. That's what bothers me. Almost like a uniform for people to wear to conform to a specific group. When the beautiful thing about goth is that it's all about individuality, not conforming to one set look/ideals while embracing your darker side. I feel that the origins of what gothic culture is has been totally lost. To be honest it started way before Hot Topic the minute goths started looking the same. I hate seeing people look the same. Modern Goth, simply put is no…