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Vintage 80's & 90's Perry Ellis Inspiration In The Park

When I was 14 I remember getting gifted my first perfume for Christmas. It was Perry Ellis. Today I wanted to take a piece of how the scent turned me onto their menswear line and how the 80's was not all bad when it came to fashion because of Perry Ellis. It just mostly was terrible.

Perry Ellis perfume was one of the best gifts I ever got as it became my scent for that period of my life from 14-17. I was dousing myself in Perry Ellis Perfume. Probably a little too much at the time (Spray and walk through scents never spray directly onto your skin). It was the late 90's early 2000's during that era and Perry Ellis was all the rage. Windbreakers that said "America" with stars on them worn by hip hop stars where really big at the time on Mtv. The price point for Perry Ellis clothing was out of my teenage budget but the perfume being free was one of my go to luxuries in life at the time.

As an adult now I can look back on the history of the brand. Beyond just perfum…

Soaked in Red & How To Wear XL As A Size S

I was so excited to style this look today simply because I love the band Deftones and love pulling inspiration from music. I also wanted to show petite people how to wear larger sizes yet still have them be fitted to your shape and proportions. This way when you see things you love but are not your size you won't have to cancel yourself out of the game and can go for those larger items as long as you style them right.

The first time I heard Deftones music was on MTV in late 1997 and I was 13. The music video for "My Own Summer" was playing and I remember feeling as though this was something people had not seen before. It was on a weekend I remember so clearly where all I would do is either listen to music. play music, write lyrics or draw. Those where my forms of communication with the world. They still very much are to this day I just don't watch Mtv anymore instead I watch Youtube. I still write lyrics, practice making music and use those things to communicate wit…

I'm In A Blue Velvet State of Mind

I re-watched one of my all time David Lynch films last night "Blue Velvet" from 1986. It's so dark yet beautiful and even glamorous at the same time. I absolutely love the distinction between it's title and the subject matter portrayed throughout the film. Velvet as a textile itself is incredibly soft yet when you rub it the wrong way it is very rough and harsh. Just like the duality between dark sides and light. This is why today's blog is dedicated to the movie.

Personally I chose to wear black and blue for a distinct reason. Due to the violent nature of the film most especially Dorthy Vallen's character who seems to love getting punched in the face during sex it seemed well suited to my homage to this impeccable film.

Living in a place like Tijuana is very similar to living in a David Lynch film. It's one of the most obscure places I've ever seen in my life. You can be in a gorgeous restaurant one minute then you can just as easily fall into a manh…

Suicide Is Not Painless.. It Hurt's But We Must Move On In Style

I am absolutely gutted this week of hearing the news yesterday that Keith Flint from The Prodigy one of my biggest inspirations to create unique electronically fused music in life took his own life on Monday in the UK. So much so that this week just feels out of place going about business as usual without paying some proper tribute to this incredible front man and the epitome of what is means to have personal style. Today's blog is dedicated to Keith Flint's aesthetic and how much it has inspired me over these now many years. I wear my hair parted in the middle today to pay homage in my own way. Shaving my head is not my style but Keith sure rocked it like no other.

A little back story as to why Keith Flint inspired me so very deeply. Me at 13 years old. Living in an abusive household with seemingly no way out at the time. I was cutting myself every week, starting to experiment with drugs and alcohol to numb the pain and hated every waking minute I had to spend at home isolat…