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The New Regality Of It All Manga Style

Regality! This is a new word that I am inputting into the style dictionary. Yes, I know the term Regalia already exists. However regality is being regal in your current state of consciousness, dress and in reality. It's not about being the best it's about being the best version of your god damn self in a state of splendor that exists in real life.

In today's case it's me wearing an A-Line formal skirt and letting my inner Manga girl out... again (See the Sailor Moon Post). Yet not quite so literally as a comic-con goer would. Which just so happens to be right across from me in Tijuana soon in San Diego. This is a more subtle embrace of all things ultra feminine from that genre. 

As I am constantly preaching on Metal Mouth Style to put your very best foot forward everyday. This look embodies that. Who says you can't wear a ballroom skirt out in the day? Just like that time I wore my full sequin 2 piece outfit in the day with sneakers to run errands. We need to get o…

A Big Bold Dress & A Border Crossing Story

As of late I've been spending a lot more time in San Diego despite living in Tijuana. I'm going to dig deeper into what that means for me today. It's quite honestly the only thing keeping me sane as I round out my last 6 months left in the most violent city in the world. Crossing the border is a royal pain in the ass. There have been shootings as of late right on the border and generally just really seedy people in that area. It's where the 1st world and the 3rd world collide.

This past weekend was no different. I crossed over on Saturday afternoon to enjoy some downtime in Downtown SD. There where two men in the pedestrian line beside me arguing. One American and one Tijuanese. They where hurling insults back and forth to one another as we all where waiting to get our passports checked by the CPB officers to cross into San Diego. They kept it together just enough to make it past security and onto U.S soil.
At which point a fight broke out on the San Diego side of the…

Black With A Side of Blonde

Today we're going to have fun making runway looks street street style at a quarter of the price. All while paying homage to one of my favorite duo's in fashion design. The Blonds out of NYC.

I saw their show several months ago on Youtube and died a little bit inside in the best way possible. It was so creative and I loved that they used inspiration from all of the Disney villains as their inspiration behind each looks. It was done in such a tongue in cheek way being camp and even more modern day high glam chic. It was actually a very punk rock take on a classic wholesome Americana theme. What really drew me to this collection is their use of sequins and fur and especially the use of sequin one pieces and leggings.

You can view the show in it's entirety here and my pics below are my top inspirations behind today's Metal Mouth Style look.

I had found these silver sequin leggings at a discount shop in Tijuana I frequent only a few blocks away from my home. They where $4 a…

I Miss New Wave.. A Goth Girl Club Kid Memoir

Living in this part of Mexico one of the most lacking things is finding entertainment. Especially alternative entertainment. Baja California Norte is not a hotbed for culture only tourism. Not a lot of acts tour through this part of Mexico. Be it the ever increasing homicide rate or the fact that there's just not enough people willing/able to spend money to go to shows due to the high poverty rates. That's why today I wanted to dig into why I love new wave and underground culture and why I miss it so much.

I started going to Industrial/New Wave shows around 2006 when I lived in Calgary, Alberta. Around that same time there was a girl who would put on these events centered around all things Goth at a club called The Warehouse. Her name was Demonika and she was a Suicide Girl. So was I at the time, now long since retired from that world.

The Warehouse was a place I would frequent weekly because I was a hard partying techno head during that era. I remember the line being around t…