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The Best Way To Go From Day Drinking To Fine Dining In San Diego Solo!

Last Thursday I had a really incredible day date out on the town of San Diego. My day date was with myself. (Date yourself! more on that at the end of the post) Which then turned into a full on night out which was unexpectedly awesome. You can never chase the dragon when your going out for entertainment. The dragon must come to you. If it's not there then do yourself a huge favor and go home. That is why the best times come when you go with the flow of the day/night rather than against it. Today I'm going to walk you through how to go from day drinking to fine dining in San Diego in style on a Thursday because Friday's are overrated.

For me, a Canadian expat currently living in Tijuana it starts with a walk across the border. This is the San Ysidro Border Crossing that divides North and South America. This border is what all the fuss is about. Migrants, drug trafficking, human trafficking, illegal arms.. and of course hundreds of thousands of Latinos crossing the border to…

Tijuana's #1 Dive Bar & A Disco Dress Horror Story

I can officially say I'm over the nightlife in Tijuana. However, I don't have all bad things to say about it. I want to put some shine on the last standing proper dive bar in Tijuana in today's post. A diamond in a whole lot of rough. If you must go out in Tijuana at night this is the spot your going to have to visit. Here are a few other things we'll cover in today's post below:

1. What is Dandy Del Sur? 2. What not to do in Tijuana 3. Where to find the clothes I wear on Metal Mouth Style
                                                 (Taken Inside Dandy Del Sur Jul.19th.2019)

First comes first. My favorite and the only dive bar worth mentioning in not only Tijuana but all of Baja California Norte. Dandy Del Sur. It's Anthony Bourdain approved for good reason and was featured on his first tv series "No Reservations".

Bourdain is what initially drew me to Dandy's (and to Tijuana to be totally transparent). Then it's gothic appeal and incredi…

The Hangover Patch Meets A Hollywood Hangover

Here we are! I survived my 3 day holiday in Hollywood on a $200 budget. If you want to know why I was on a $200 budget you can see last week's article here. Today let's dig into these 4 points of interest around my trip now that I'm back home in Tijuana.

1. Does The Hangover Patch Work? 2. Living the Life in LA for under $200 3. My Top 3 LA Fine Dining Choices 4. My new favorite new dive bar in The Valley
(Taken At The Rainbow Room On My Sober Thursday Jul.11th)
Let's start with the patch.. The hangover patch. Specifically, Bytox and Hangover Plus Patch MD (which was much cheaper than Bytox). Both of which I tried over the course of my 3 day trip. I actually had a new patch on every day (Sometimes changing twice a day). I can officially say that what I had high hopes for ended up being too good to be true. Neither Bytox nor the Hangover Plus Patch MD worked for me. I don't think they even curbed my actual hangover. After my first night of drinking Wednesday (7:30pm-…

Travelling On A Crazy Budget & How Bitcoin Is Saving My Life

Since I left LA a year and a half ago there's always some major roadblock that gets in my way every time I try to plan a trip back there. It's only 3 hours away from Tijuana but it feels like 30 every time I try to plan a return. My last trip to LA was just for two days back in January which I blogged about here. This week we're going to cover 3 things that are currently impacting my upcoming 3 day trip.
1.Online Banking Fraud 2. Not going crazy 3. Making the switch to Bitcoin

Yesterday the worst thing that could have happened. Murphy's Law gets me every time. Actually, Murphy and I are pretty much best friend at this point in life since we hang out so much. an online banking service I have used for about a year (with several headaches) decided to withhold the money I had saved for my trip to LA this week. All of my spending money I have been saving for this trip for the past 3 weeks is now being held against my will online where that I cannot access it. Why…