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How to Live Without Water For 4 Days.. In Tijuana

Another week another fucking adventure. This time it's much more of a misadventure. Tijuana is where I have resided for the past 2 years. Previous to that I lived in Los Angeles and before that Toronto (and before that a whole lot of other places). Tijuana bar none is the most difficult place I have ever lived in my life. Today we're going to talk about why and...

                                                     1. How to deal with water scarcity
                                                     2. How to live for 4 days without water
                                                     3. 4 positives to living in Tijuana & 4 negatives

Let's start with the positives before I rip this city to shreds shall we? I did move here for a reason and on my own accord. There are still reasons why I chose to still live here now. For now but not forever.

4 Positives to Living in Tijuana
1. Organic meat is cheap 2. Designer clothes shopping is ridiculously cheap here (It's…

The Anti Social Social Club Is Not A Club.. It's Bullshit

Well my friends.. they can't all be winners now can they? This past weekend was a reminder of that. Also, a reminder as to why I typically do not go out on weekends and much prefer the mid-week crowd. Today on Metal Mouth Style here's what we're going to cover:
1. The best Sushi Happy Hour in San Diego 2. The worst goth night I've ever been too 3. Why being anti social & inhospitable is bullshit

Let's start at my new favorite little gem in the Gaslamp District. Enter Sushi Lounge on Market. When I cross the border from TJ to SD I like to come in early before a night out to discover new places to grab quick bites. This place has great indoor/outdoor seating options, nice decor, friendly staff, a kickass bathroom and incredible sushi. Not to mention their happy hour specials daily from 4-6pm. You'll find a  great selection of sushi/bites and brews all for $5. My personal favorite is the Spicy Tuna Roll & Cucumber Salad. Plus your bill comes in an anime c…

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood... Couchsurfing

My 35th Birthday recently passed and I booked 3 days to go up to LA from TJ on a weekend trip to celebrate. It was truly the best Birthday I've had since I turned 30 and I'm here to share it all with you in detail. Here's what we're going to cover this week on Metal Mouth Style:
1. My first Couchsurfing experience  2. Everywhere I went in LA and why these places are great (or not so great) 3. My review of "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood" In Hollywood

My first stop in LA after getting off the bus. Oh wait! The Bus! Hot tip. If your only a few hours driving distance from your destination don't be too proud and take the damn Greyhound. It's really not bad for a short trip. Anything over 5 hours I'd suggest finding another option but under 5 hours your golden on the Greyhound. It gets you from point A to point B for a fraction of the price of renting a car/hiring a driver. You get there in the same time it takes to drive if you take an Express trip wi…