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Dissecting Dave Chappelle's Style...What He Should Be Wearing

Over the weekend I got around to catching up on the latest Netflix release of Dave Chappelle's Special "Sticks & Stones". This Summer has been filled with a ton of travel between USA & Mexico for me so it's nice to be still at home for a little while. It also helps me think deeper when I'm not travelling as often. As important as it is to travel it's equally as important to not be distracted by your surrounding and stay still. With that all being said now that I have my deep thinking cap on.. here is what we're covering this week on Metal Mouth Style:
                        1. Why do people with all the money/access in the world still dress like assholes?                         2. Why Dave Chappelle is clearly not an asshole but still dresses like one?                         3. How Dave Chappelle should be dressing at a quarter of the price?                         4. My favorite personal style moments from the week featuring California (my pu…

Botox, Burgers, Boats and Beaches.. Oh My!

Yup! I'm covering all of the above it today's highly obscure title on Metal Mouth Style today. My life is incredibly random and a constant mix and match of culture, food, life & style. Your coming with me over the course of a few days between Tijuana and San Diego. In today's blog we are will cover the following:
                                        1. The wonders of preventative Botox & it's effectiveness
                                        2. The best burger in Tijuana
                                        3. My puppies first boat trip in San Diego
                                        4. Beach fitness that beats a Gym membership

Let's start with Botox which I started at the very end of July 2019. It's been around for decades (almost 30 years now) yet it amazes me how much of a stigma is still attached to it. I myself struggled with whether I would even post about it publicly to avoid scrutiny. Whenever Women try to better themselves aesth…

All Rescue Dogs Go To Heaven... And To A Dive Bar

This past week since the last post has been pretty insane. My workload has tripled and my pets have doubled. I am now happy to say I am the proud owner of a dog! I rescued a puppy here in Tijuana last Friday and now my life is forever changed. Here's what we're getting into today:

                                                        1. Flea Market Finds in Tijuana
                                                        2. Rescuing a dog in Tijuana
                                                        3. International pet travel between US & Mexico
                                                        4. The best bars to drink/dine with your dog in San Diego

Let's start with where I get the vast majority of my ever expanding and evolving wardrobe from. The Tijuana flea market. Specifically the one in my area of Playas de Tijuana which happens every Monday. My favorite thing about starting off each week that I'm not on the road is starting it off in style with…

The Pasadena Daydream Festival.. Turned Into My Fucking Nightmare

I'm back at my home in Tijuana writing about my recent trip back to LA today. I left on Aug.31st for the Pasadena Daydream Festival and returned Sept.3rd. Now that I'm decompressed and back on my work out/work mode schedule I can really dig in and give you the best reviews of this 4 day 3 night trip. Here's what we're going to cover today:

                                      1. The Pasadena Daydream Festival (Why it was a nightmare)
                                      2. My 2nd Couch surfing Experience (Why it was a Daydream)
                                      3. Places I dined & drank while in Los Angeles
                                      4. The best and worst dressed on my Greyhound trip home from DTLA

Let's start with Day.1The Pasadena Daydream Festival put on my Robert Smith from The Cure. The reason it was a nightmare was not because of the line up. The bands where all playing in fine form and Robert Smith clearly has great taste in music to sel…