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Staying Sane & In Style During A Sinister Fire Season

Since the last Metal Mouth Style post Baja California Norte has had insanely high temperatures and endured its worst state fires in history. Over this past weekend there where over 160 fires in my area. The nearest being only a 10 minute drive south of me in Playas De Rosarito. The highway that connects my area of Playas De Tijuana to the rest of Baja California closed for the first time. That's how close this came to my current home. Hundreds of people where evacuated and almost 100 homes burned with several deaths. Shit go real people. This week we're going to get into a few things listed below based on current events both in Baja California & California:
                                                1. What to do during Fire Season                                                 2. What not to do during fire season                                                 3. My top 3 looks during the Fall heatwave

I want to start by saying that despite the intense fire situation…

5 Things No One Told Me Before Getting A Dog

As you are well aware of by now if you have been following Metal Mouth Style lately I have a new puppy named California. She is 5 months old and I've had her for about a month and half. She's my first dog as an adult. I had one dog as a teenager named Pogo. That was a short lived experience due to her getting run over by my Stepfather while I was in the car after only having her for a month. That ordeal really traumatized me and since then I always loved dogs from afar but had a fear of ever getting attached to one again. By rescuing California here in Tijuana I was able to get over that past experience and start a new much more positive one. Due to all this here are our talking points for today's post below:
                                            1. 5 Key Things No One Told Me Before Getting A Dog
                                            2. California's Top 3 Style Moments
                                            3. My Top 3 Moments Of The Week

5 Key Things…

Where To Go High & Low In Tijuana On A Budget

The last time I went out in Tijuana was back in July. You can read about what a total shit show that turned into here. Hence the reason for me not going out again since that time. It's become normal for me that the place I currently live in I cannot socialize in. It's safer to stay in than it is to go out at night here. Baja California is fairly safe by day but the scene here gets seedy by night. For that reason I pick and choose really carefully what I will do here past sundown (usually I just to to San Diego to get my social fix). This week we're going to be covering:
                                             1. Tijuana's top high end restaurant Mision 19 review
                                             2. Tijuana's best low end fast food joint
                                             3. The importance of living within your current means

Let's start with my night out at Mision 19 in the Zona Rio area of Tijuana. An Anthony Bourdain approved fine di…