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Cafes, Couchsurfing & Baja California!

Last week was a busy and slightly crazy one. With that comes a lot of new experiences to share with you in my life and style today. The water rationing program officially begins today in Tijuana. Things are hard out here. There's no doubt about it.  I have written about the water crisis in-depth on Metal Mouth Style here. Things I already predicted have quickly become the new reality. I can never pretend life is easy because nowhere in the world is that true. However, the degree to which people suffer here in Tijuana is on another level I have never experienced before. Despite all that I choose to stay positive on what the future may bring. Let's look at some nicer things about being in this region of the world. Today we will cover the following subjects listed below:
                                               1. The Best Cafe For A Quiet Day Date
                                               2. My First Couchsurfing Meet-Up Event in Tijuana

How Climate Change Will Change Your Life & Your Style

In the last Metal Mouth Style post we discussed what it was like living though fire season. Which is officially the fifth season of the West Coast. I find it important to follow-up on that post with some thoughts on how climate change is impacting my lifestyle and yours. From what we wear to where we live things are changing at a rapid pace. Let's try to keep up shall we? This week we will be talking about the following:
                                     1. The best places to live during climate change
                                     2. What climate change means for your personal style
                                     3. My top 3 personal style moments of the week

The Best Places To Live During Climate Change

The main thing we now (me included living on the West Coast) need to reconsider is living anywhere near a coastal region. Sea levels are rising. I run the beaches of Tijuana every week and in my 2 years here I have noticed a significant change in the amount of beac…