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My Top Archived Looks From 2019

Hello loyal readers and happy almost New Year. I'm not big on celebrating the end of the year because it's usually cold at night and I don't care about holidays. As previously discussed in greater detail from last weeks post. I think part of this destine comes from me working age 18-21 in retail stores at the mall. Meaning I would have to work all the holidays except for X-mas to keep the roof over my head. Yes, the mall is open on New Years Day in Canada (Where I grew up. Now I live in Tijuana, Baja California) and also in the states. Going to work hungover on no sleep and having to open a clothing store only to have mediocre sales the entire day was mildly traumatic for me.

What's funny about this fact is that since I became self employed I purposely use any holiday to get ahead on my work. It's vastly different when you do it on your own schedule rather than a corporations. For example, I plan to do a New Years Eve show and a New Years Day show for my Podcast Th…

Have Yourself A Merry Anti-Christmas

Do you believe in god/religion? This post is for both believers and non-believers to get an idea of what the other side lives like during this time of year. The Holiday's for many are an incredibly isolating and depressing time for people who don't have families and don't believe in god/religion. There's really no designated spaces for us to co-exist with society around this season. This week we're going to cover the following:

                                                      1. What is Anti-Christmas?
                                                      2. How To Survive The Holidays Without Family
                                                      3. My Top 3 Looks Of The Week

What is Anti-Christmas?

Anti-Christmas is the opposite of celebrating Christs birth. It's for non-believers in god/religion to celebrate things they are grateful for without celebrating god/religion. It's a personal space to let others know that your not into mainstream trad…

Style Stories: A Canadian Expat In The Corrupt Country Of Mexico

Heavy enough title for you? One thing I've learned since living in Mexico as an expat.. Never... trust.. a Mexican in Mexico. This is not based on race this is purely based on culture and mindset. Women especially are targets for street harassment, assault, and femicides here. Things I cover heavily weekly on The Metal Mindset Podcast. Most Mexican's from what I have learned do not pay attention to details and come from extreme poverty. If you're not part of the family blood line here you're a bigger target for corruption/fraud. In a country that's minimum wage is $5 a day the scarcity complex is a fault-line running rampantly throughout society. So much so that if you're an expat you're guaranteed to get ripped off at some point. From home rentals to your internet there are scams around every corner and nothing is regulated. This week we're going to cover the following:

                                        1. Beware Of TotalPlay Internet It's a …