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Why Getting Drunk On Vacation Sucks

Hello loyal readers, I'm on route to Mexico City this week and thought this was a perfect time to talk about drinking on vacation. Or rather, not drinking to excess on vacation. I was going to debunk some fashion trends this week for 2020 but this is far more relevant in this moment. In short I've been through many battles between all sorts of mind altering substances in my lifetime. I don't even like referring to drugs & alcohol as different things. Their one in the same. They alter your mind in different ways. One you drink others you eat, sniff, smoke, inject, or fuck. Yes, Sex I also include as a mind altering substance (due to chemicals released during sex) because that too can be abused and cause addition. The only substance I've never had a hangover from is mushrooms which is why it's my favorite substance. I always see something on mushrooms that I can apply to my music or my art. It's like a business trip for pleasure. However, you cannot do mushro…

How To Deal With Street Harassment In Style

Happy New Year loyal readers. 2020 is here and this marks the first post of the new year. Unfortunately, just because the year changes doesn't mean anything is changing. That's why I want to get into a really sore subject for women. Street Harassment. It's not acceptable, I want to see this type of targeting towards women become an unacceptable way to behave in public. I want people to start standing up against it when they see it happening to others. So much will always stay the same but Street Harassment is something I want to see taken a lot more seriously in our society. Read on to gain some insight into ways both men and women can deal with street harassment. Not just ignore it.

6 Ways To Deal With Street Harassment As A Target
Establish your boundary by firmly yet calmly telling the perpetrator to "Stop!" and keep walking. Ignoring it only allows this person to think this type of behavior is acceptable because it is not being refuted.If it continues then main…