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The 2000's: The Worst Decade For Fashion

Hello loyal readers. I was going through the decades of fashion recently in a Goggle search and stumbled upon the 2000's. One decade I lived through as a very young adult. The 2000's for me was age 16-26. In Pop culture Sex tapes where in high demand, Paris Hilton ruled the LA party scene, and no one knew how the Kardashian's where. We as humans can learn so much from our own hindsight which is why in every aspect of life it's important to take looks back. Especially when it comes to what we wear. The Fashion industry is cyclical, constantly circling back to decades past and re-packaging designs for consumption. This is why it's important not to follow trends and find your own personal style. It's much more sustainable to stick with what works for you not what's "new". You also won't look like a total moron by having your own distinct style that bucks all trends and stands the test of time and flashbacks. Let's take a trip down memory lan…

A Glimpse Into Frida Kahlo's Painfully Beautiful World

Hello loyal readers. Let's get into 2 of my favorite stops I made on my recent trip to Mexico City today. One was Frida Kahlo's house converted into a Museum. The second was Diego Rivera's tomb which boasts vast collections of his sculptural work and paintings. These where both two stand out moments for me and places I plan to re-visit often when I move to Mexico City this Summer. For now you can join me for the tour through my eyes.

Frida Kahlo Is The Shit
You know those bombers that became trendy about 2 years ago that read "Mexico Is The Shit" on the back? I do enjoy Mexico a lot but Mexico's plagued with inane levels of corruption and violence. Certain parts of Mexico are definitely "the shit" but about half of the other states are not. I.E my current location in Tijuana.

You know who is the shit. Frida Fucking Kahlo. This woman exemplifies what it means to be apologetically yourself. A natural artist, fashion slayer, incredibly strong and kind a…

Embracing Femininity & Living A More Erotic Lifestyle

Hello loyal readers! This week I want to dig my heels into a topic I don't see being discussed enough. Femininity and even more specifically Erotica. Both topics I am very well versed in due to the fact that a. I'm female and b. I  was a traveling Fetish model which educated me on everything from Erotica to BDSM culture. Through modeling I gained a lot of confidence in not only my body but also my mind. If you can be in a room full of people in various states of dress/undress and feel confidant you can be confidant anywhere. You don't need to be an erotic/fetish model to access this side of yourself. In fact, erotica is much more exquisite when it's something private for one's self. In fact, since I have retired from modeling I have been able to use my on femininity and erotic sides on a deeper level because it is now personal to me. No longer for promo/paid work/publicity.

This is such a controversial subject in 2020 and it really is not. Femininity trul…