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Consumerism Is Killing Us Quicker Than The Coronavirus

Hello loyal readers. Instead of feeding into the main topic of Coronoavirus ( which if we're being honest no one knows anything about) on everyone's minds I want to pivot into a deeper disease of our mindsets. Consumerism, and why it's become a detriment to our society. Currently we see people panic buying as though their the only one's in need of food/water/essentials. Fuck the world! I want everything I want now in mass amounts. Mass amounts of things I likely won't end up using or at least not for a long time. This my friends is consumerism at its absolute worst we are seeing play out in chronological order on a world stage. It's vile and nauseates me to see people buying far more than they need.  It's everything Metal Mouth Style stands against. It's not sustainable, it's wasteful and it infringes on other people's opportunities.

The whole point of posting my outfit styling each week is not to show off. It's to show you that anyone can l…

Medical Tourism In Tijuana, Anti-Aging & Beauty Secrets

Hello loyal readers. I took last week off to gather enough content to bring you an in-depth beauty article. To me beauty and self-care go hand in hand. When you're taking care of yourself you automatically feel more beautiful. Beauty is only skin deep so it's equally important to do the inner work on oneself. Think of it as a 50/50 split. When you do something externally you have to counter that with internal work on your mental health, self-esteem and confidence. You can buy all the clothes in the world, all the make up on the shelves, every shoe and still be incredibly insecure about yourself at the end of the day. If you don't have a strong sense of self beauty could be a dangerous subject. Make sure your staying 100% whole inside and not seeking validation from likes on social media, men, women before you dig into my tips below.

Note: As we dig into everything I'm doing day by day keep in mind that every skin type is different. I have combination skin, some of these…