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Money Can't Buy You Style & This Look Cost Me $10

Hello loyal readers. This whole being in Mexico during the worst Pandemic our world has ever seen is... you can say... starting to get to me. There's up's then there's downs and it seems to only take one jenga block on the wrong side of the tower to make my mental health come crashing down. I wanted to share this look today because quite honestly outside of my work I get paid for - the work I'm doing on myself that's invaluable- there's not much else to live for now. Well, that's not entirely true as my animals are really keeping me accountable and without them I don't think I would have made it this far. Serving up a stylish look or two is a happy part of my day. I've always dressed for myself not for others. I preach this. Which is why I'm not sitting around in sloth mode like in sweatpants all day. I'm pumping out looks as though I'm about to die tomorrow. If I do get stuck in this desert wasteland of Tijuana I will not go easy or ugl…

Take Your Pillow Challenge & Shove It

Hello loyal readers, let's dig into the latest internet viral offense this week. The "Pillow Challenge", or as I like to call it a narcissists paradise. We're all stuck indoors on lockdown due to a worldwide pandemic. Countless jobs have been annihilated, the economy is in constant limbo and the food supply chain is vulnerable to collapse by the end of the year. Yet, celebrities (and so-called influencers) can't seem to give us a break from their desperate cries for attention via social fucking media. The worst viral virus of all. The fact that I'm no longer using apps like Tik Tok/Iinstagram anymore yet it still finds its way off social and into my retinas is disturbing.

Women and some men wearing pillows.. why? Not even for a self congratulatory so-called "Good Cause". No. Why then? Pure and utter boredom now being photographed for your viewing displeasure. The limelight must always shine on the narcissist. The world could be ending tomorrow and p…

How The Hell Do I Get This Gel Polish Off My Nails At Home?

Hello loyal readers, let's take a beauty break this week. I mentioned in my previous skin care post that I would be covering more tips/tricks I use in my day-to-day self-care regime. Now, more than ever is the time to ramp up how well we are taking care of ourselves. I've worked from home for the past decade. 2020 marks 10 years for me being self-employed. I've learned a lot about how we can proactive when stuck in the house all day pulling long hours. When you work from home you will find that the work never ends. Taking care of your work while taking care of yourself are key fundamentals to surviving being in more than out. Today we are digging deep into our nail beds to find out what the real best way to get your salon gel polish off your nails at home. No small feat mind you!

This article on Today steered me completely wrong when I went Googling "how to remove gel nail polish". I tried all 3 of the methods in this article and the one that worked for me was no…

5 Myths About Webcam Modeling From A Former Model

Hello loyal readers. Thanks so much for sticking with me during these insane times worldwide. I know a lot of people are out of work  without the privilege of getting paid on lockdown mode. For that reason  there are many people looking for alternative forms of income. One thing I want to touch on this week is the webcam modeling industry. In my days of modeling I did everything from runway, print, car/motorccyle, pin-up, tattoo, fetish and nude modeling. I've also done webcam modeling years ago but have not been active as of late in that community. I have considered returning to camming to make some extra income. I'm currently stuck in Tijuana (flights have now stopped from Mexico) during this crisis and would love to return home to Canada ASAP. The more money I make during Covid-19 the more options I will have to survive this territory.

If your babe (male/female) with a kick ass personality and open (and kinky) mind camming could help you pull in some extra income while stil…