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First Impressions of Montreal As An Anglophone

Hello loyal readers and thank you for being patient while I take more time to put these posts together. I've now been in Montreal by way of Tijuana (a.k.a Tijufuckinguana) for a full month. I didn't want to write this article too soon or too late to make sure I'm still speaking from a first impression point of view. The first 1 weeks upon arrival from Mexico on June.1st I was in a mandatory 14 day Quarantine (due to Covid) therefore sight-seeing, getting to know the city, and just having a overal understanding of its vibe was impossible. It's been a few weeks now of having my freedom to roam back and I have compiled a few key notes and stark contrasts that will give you some insight from an outsiders perspective of the city.

What is an Anglophone?
This is first important to understand the title and the great divide of the city of Montreal. An Anglophone is an English-speaking person. The flip side to an anglophone is a francophone. A Francophone is a french speaking per…