Adventures In A $20 Motel Room In Mexico

Hello loyal readers and thank you for being patient in waiting for this new post. I've never taken 2 weeks off from writing since Metal Mouth Style started last year. I have had serious writers guilt about it but I've also been slammed with responsibilities. Downsizing kicked my ass hardcore. Moving sucks most when you're in the same area because you have to haul all your belongings to your new home. Pack, unpack, then get settled & set up your new place. I prefer moving to different countries. You take a suitcase and you call it a day. Alas, the latest move will be worth it in the long-term. So let's get into what's happening now!

                                         Here's are the topics we will be talking about today:

                                         1. What a $20 Motel Room Looks Like In Tijuana
                                         2. How To Get The Luxury Look Without The Luxury Price Point
                                         3. M…

Cafes, Couchsurfing & Baja California!

Last week was a busy and slightly crazy one. With that comes a lot of new experiences to share with you in my life and style today. The water rationing program officially begins today in Tijuana. Things are hard out here. There's no doubt about it.  I have written about the water crisis in-depth on Metal Mouth Style here. Things I already predicted have quickly become the new reality. I can never pretend life is easy because nowhere in the world is that true. However, the degree to which people suffer here in Tijuana is on another level I have never experienced before. Despite all that I choose to stay positive on what the future may bring. Let's look at some nicer things about being in this region of the world. Today we will cover the following subjects listed below:
                                               1. The Best Cafe For A Quiet Day Date
                                               2. My First Couchsurfing Meet-Up Event in Tijuana