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Leopard, Leather & Easy Rider...

This week I didn't actually pull direct inspiration for my look from any one place in particular. More of an anti inspirational look if you will. I just really wanted to blend Leopard print and Leather together and make that look seamless. In this case faux leather that looks really fucking real.

Okay so I guess I did pull some inspiration as even anti inspo comes from somewhere right? Mostly from biker style. How could I update that look, make it modern, femme and chic all at the same time. Instead of the aged, withered, bandanna look that is just so predictably passe. So taking this for example and making it better was the main motivation behind this weeks personal styling. No better example than easy rider. Obviously minus the bike..for today at least..
I wore a cropped mesh Xhilartion top under Leopard applique faux leather overalls. Remember that brand from the 90's at Target? This top is from one of my favorite street shops in Playas but they get at on of off sales from …

Channeling My Digital Librarian..

The Library is open! I finally get to say that in the correct context after years of binge watching RuPaul's Drag Race.

This week I pulled inspiration from one of the simplest places. Libraries. I used to spend a lot of time in them in the early 2000's before I bought my first Laptop. Leaving home in the middle of High School, then having rent and bills had me on the slow track to acquiring electronics. I didn't have a laptop of my own until 2005. From 1995-2005 the majority of my Internet access was gained through checking into my nearest Library. The Library for me was never a place I checked out books. Instead I used it to access the new burgeoning digital world.

For today's look I channeled was my inner Librarian would look like and this is what I came up. To be totally honest I really thought. "What would Giles from Buffy wear?" and then applied it to my own textiles.

Side note. If you get that reference we are best friends.

This entire look was found in…

Leather & Lilies Suit Me Just Fine

Okay, not exactly Lilies to be precise. Those are actually Orchid's on my button down blouse. It sounded better to say Leather and Lilies. I also really thought they where Lilies until I did some further re-search. 

This look fucking ruled my week. I was inspired by the rawness of nature when styling it. Whenever I wear leather I feel really raw. It feels primal. It is primal. Your wearing another animals skin as a garment. Whether it be to keep warm as our ancestors before us did, for fashion or a combination of both. Leather to me is a symbol of how viscous we are as a species. A stark reminder that we will not only kill you but eat you as well. We have and will always be this way. 

Then we have my blouse. That clearly symbolizes the Orchid flower. Something so delicate & beautiful that often we as humans take for granted. I personally love a floral tone but it has be be balanced for me with something a bit more stark to feel right based on my personality. Paired with my fa…

True Blood Anyone?

I'm a huge True Blood fan. I've been waiting for the right moment to put together a goth day look inspired by Pam of that series. She was bar none my absolute favorite character in that series. Although the final 2 Seasons of True Blood turned into a bit of a convoluted mess the first 4 Seasons still stand strong for me.

For that reason I decided to let Pam be my outfit inspiration today. What a total BABE. I also loved her as the porn star feature dancer in "Dancing at the Blue Iguana". Your welcome as you will see some of the most fine specimens of the female figure in that film. Not much for story but it is cheesy like Showgirls and the babies are just beautiful. If you want a nice 90's throwback check out that film as well.

Moving into my interpretation for a day look. I started with my make up. Keeping it simple and classic. Red lip, defined brow and pearl white highlight on my cheekbones. I just got into make up recently. I honestly have never worn foundat…

In The Gingham Gang

Yay! New week new outfit new blog! This week I was most stoked on this Gingham dress look I put together. Simple yet ultra feminine. Just the right amount of sweet to my sour.

The inspiration this week was a combination of Audrey Hepburn in the 60s. This is one of my favorite looks of Audrey.

With a hint of Janie in the 90s. Remember how great she was! The first heavily inked glamour model & adult star to really break into the mainstream.
 I like to have just the right amount of coverage but also feature body and ink appropriately. Often I find it fun to mix and match adult stars and classic movie stars style together. Makes things more interesting.

I made the head band myself. All it took was a trip to the fabric store. This satin material was cut right off the roll and I had a head band for 20 pesos here in Mexico. That is the equivalent of $1 USD. The dress I found at a street shop. While I do not like too many super mainstream brands. I found the fit on me too good to resist. …